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Egeria is not a regular spreadsheet! Watching the tutorial video first is strongly recommended!

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What is Egeria Spreadsheets?

Egeria Spreadsheets is a collaborative multidimensional web-based spreadsheet service. It is designed to simplify creation and maintenance of large worksheets with complex calculations. Egeria can be used to quickly implement a wide range of planning, budgeting or reporting solutions, create financial models and perform what-if simulations.


Why another spreadsheet application?

I am working as an IT contractor (software development) for almost 10 years now. It mostly involves creating custom applications for non-techies (people from controlling, marketing, finance and so on) who work for large companies. Here are some observations I did so far:

Here are the goals behind the Egeria system:

Key differences to traditional spreadsheets

Key differences to OLAP-based business planning software

There are several products for enterprise planning and budgeting with a multidimensional data model. Egeria is different in the following ways:


I am working on the following features (which I think are critical for an MVP) at the moment:

Request for comments

I have started this website before the commercial release to better understand the demand for such a system and to learn the needs of the potentional users. I also hope to find some pilot users. Here are the main concerns I have right now:

Please use the anonymous feedback button inside the application or drop me a mail. You can also post you thoughts in the google group.

Please also mail me if you'd like to schedule a demo or if you'd like to intall Egeria on your own machine.